Montag, 12. November 2007

New Translator on Alex' Dogblog!

Lacy Lulu told me about trouble with the Yahoo-Babelfish Translator I've had on my blog. It seemed to have trouble with the german language - I have always known, that German is a difficult language. ;o)

So my mom checked it out and found a Google-Translator for this Blog, which seems to be much faster and better. You can find it in the sidebar right below the chatbox. I hope it's more comfortable for my english speaking blogfriends now.

Thank you very much for telling me, Lacy Lulu. Only when you tell me about problems I can improve this blog.

PS: You might already have noticed, there are some single words, the Translator has trouble with. It's the german word "Frauchen", which is sometimes translated as "Ms Chen" (very funny!) or gets not translated at all. "Frauchen" just means, what the english speaking dogs usually call "my mom" (the human mom ;o). "Herrchen" just means "my (human) dad". Another 'troublemaker' is the german word "Zweibeiner", used in the doggy language and just means "humans". ;o)

See you soon, your Alex ;o)


  1. woofies Alex, fank u soo much, dat dos workies me can weed...

    b safe,

  2. Alex we can read this much better now ive added to my blog as well so you can translate my page.
    your pal Ludo

  3. It's all a bit confusing. SS is supposed to keep up with her German reading but I don't think she has a clue what you are saying in German. Not a very bright lady but I still love her because she is my SS.

  4. Hi Momo, it's the same with my mom, when she reads the english blogs. Most of it she understands, but sometimes she gets a litte confused.

    But: There is no better way to practise a language than reading nice petblogs, is it? ;o)

  5. Alex, first I was wondering why translated verson often showed "Ms Chen" even if you didn't mention anything about this lady chen. Hahaha...if I look original German closely, oh yes, you said "Frau-Chen". I finally get it! Thanks for your help!!!

    Momo xoxo

  6. Yes Momo, isn' that funny? When I first tried the translator and read the text, even I thought "who on earth is Ms Chen? Where does that come from?"

    And when I realized it was the Translation for "Frauchen" (= me) I was really laughing my head of!

  7. Hi Alex. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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