Montag, 30. Juli 2007

Herzlich Willkommen! / Welcome to my Blog!

(For english Translation please scroll down)

Vorsicht! Bloggender Hund! ;o)

Hallo und herzlich willkommen im Hundeblog von Alex, alias Alexander Bömbelmann!

Ich bin Alex, ein pfiffiger Wolfsspitzmischling. Viele behaupten ja, ich sei im Internet schon bekannt wie "ein bunter Hund", das mag daran liegen, dass dies nicht mein erstes Online-Tagebuch ist.

Weil Frauchen aber immer nach der idealen Lösung sucht, bin ich mit meinem Blog nun zu Blogger umgezogen. Für alle, die jetzt neu hinzukommen und wissen wollen, wie ein Hunde zu einem so seltsamen Namen kommt: "Alexander Bömbelmann", nennt mich Frauchen immer dann, wenn sie mal gaaaanz streng wirken will. (Das kommt natürlich höchst selten vor, weil ich ja immer soooooo lieb bin ;o) Wie sie ausgerechnet auf "Alexander Bömbelmann" kommt? Keine Ahnung! Diese Zweibeiner haben eben manchmal seltsame Ideen... ;o)

So, und nun wünsche ich euch viel Spaß in meinem Blog!

Bis bald, euer Alex! (Alexander Bömbelmann)

PS: Wer noch in meinem alten Tagebuch stöbern will, kann das hier tun.


Appendix - October, 26th 2007

For the english speaking dogs:
Welcome to my Blog! I'm Alex, a Cross Breed, born in 1996. I started writing my first online-diary in February 2006. I decided to chose the german language, because it was much easier for my mom, who has to do the writing for me, because I am always busy with more important things like playing, sleeping, beeing after pretty doggy-girls an so on. ;o)

As far as I know, it was one of the very first dogblogs in Germany and many german visitors didn't even know what a blog was by that time. Because we used to have a lot of technical problems with the blog-provider of my first diary, we decided to move to Blogger in July 2007. In October 2007 it happened, english speaking dogs started visting our blog. Of course we are very pleased about this, but of course the english speaking dogs have some trouble reading the stories of my life. So what can we do?

If we would change the language into english, our german blogfriends might get trouble to follow. We don't want that. And by the way - my mom would have lots of trouble to express things the way she wants too, because her english is far, far away from being perfect! Probably most of you will have already noticed. ;o) I hope we have found a good compromise to meet the requirements of german AND english blogfriends by adding the Google-Translator, which you can find at the sidebar. Thanks Google you can translate my Blog in english or many other languages just with a simple mouseclick!
We are not sure, if the automaticly translation might be able to transmit my special sense of humour, so you might miss the one or other laugher. On the other hand, we are pretty sure, the programm will produce the one or other laugher on it's own by a giving weird translation. May be it's even more fun to read the translated Version. ;o)) Check it out!

There are some single words, the Translator has trouble with. It's the german word "Frauchen", which is sometimes translated as "Ms Chen" (very funny!) or gets not translated at all. "Frauchen" just means, what the english speaking dogs usually call "my mom" (the human mom ;o). "Herrchen" just means "my (human) dad". Another 'troublemaker' is the german word "Zweibeiner", used in the doggy language and just means "those with two legs = humans". ;o)

Finally let me tell you how I came to this strange Name "Alexander Bömbelmann", which might sound very difficult to my english speaking friends. Actually my Name is Alex (like Alec), but when mommy wants to admonish me for somthing, she calls me "Alexander Bömbelmann". To be honest, neither me or her know exactly where that comes from. It just came into her mind some day, and I thought it sounds funny enough to use the name in my diary. My owner (mom & dad) are called Lydia and Peter. Mom's Blogger-Name 'lysch' is just a Combination of her first name Lydia and her last name Schweigert. (just for those who wonder how she came up with that weird name ;o)

So - now I hope you will enjoy visiting my blog and I would like you to sign my Guestbook with a nice picture of you. I love to be surrounded by nice dogs! :o)


By the way - this is me, Alex! ;o)
I hope you will visit me again. Hugs & kisses, your Alex! (Alexander Bömbelmann ;o)


  1. hi hi alex!

    you are one handsome dog. i'm glad your mom put the option of english coz i can't speak german.

    please update us on your activities!

    wet wet licks


  2. Hello Alex, woh you're the first dog blogger in German. That's very awesome. I hope to read more about you

    ~ Girl girl

  3. alex, where's this pet beach website?

    wet wet licks


  4. sorry sorry alex, just saw the website address. silly me!

    wet wet licks


  5. Thanks for your compliments! :o)

    @ Girl Girl: I don't know if I was THE first blogging dog in Germany, but I'm sure I was one of the very first blogging dogs here. At the beginning I've got some emails like: "I don't understand your website. What on earth is a blog?"

    And to be honest, we didn't know by that time, that there were already so many dogs blogging in the rest of the world. We discoverd much later, there exist sites like "dogs with blogs" an so we learned: I may be one of the first blogging dogs in Germany, but there were many dogs in USA, Kanada and weherever, who had this idea first. ;o)

  6. woofies Alex, grrr not know watt wrong cant gets ur posties in english, jus de 1st page...mus b a problem on me end...

    b safe,

  7. Hi Lacylulu,

    thanks a lot for telling me about the problems with the translator! I just changed the Yahoo / Babelfish-Translator into a Goolge-Translator and now it works!

    I hope you can read everything now! :o)

    Alex ;o)

  8. Hi Alex!!!
    You are so gorgeous..!!
    I add you as my friend okay...
    Glad to have a friend from Germany!!
    Greetings from Malaysia :)


  9. Hallo Alex,

    What a great blog you have! I also have the google translator gadget, so... will you come and visit me? :D


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